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Space Planning

The design of your space and the placement of the elements within it can completely change the ambiance of your home. We can guide you through this space planning process and arrive at solutions to ensure your wishes become reality.

The way you see your space every day can make it difficult to visualize in a different way. Sometimes clients are seduced (not my clients) by particular pieces in the showroom, but are disappointed with the way the pieces look after they are installed in their home. Space planning affords us the tools by which we plan the elements of your room, correctly scaled and with proper traffic patterns, that will best work for the way you want your space to function.

Boston Interior Designer

We will offer you a number of floor plans uniquely designed for your personal space. Once a design is chosen, we will proceed to the next phase and choose furniture, fabrics, paint, and lighting to complement the design.

Our decision making process will take your space from floor plans to your dream results.

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